Zooberry is a Zoo Tycoon mod-hosting platform dedicated to archiving mods once hosted by Zoo Tycoon websites that are no longer active. Click here to learn a little more about ZooBerry and why it exists. We also host mods for current modders. Please check out the contact page for our file hosting policy.



Welcome to ZooBerry

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Hi, Welcome.

My name is Goosifer, but I used to go by other usernames. A long time ago I used to help run a couple of Zoo Tycoon websites named ZooMania and Northern Skies. I was also lucky to join a modding team named Artifex toward the very end of my time in the scene. Though I was incredibly young and still in high school, I consider it one of the coolest experiences and was able to learn a lot of fun tech while I explored my creative outlet online. In fact I think that Zoo Tycoon was a huge influence behind my decision to eventually study computer science.


ZooBerry is a recent idea and more or less came around when I ’re-joined’ the ZT modding scene some time in April 2023. I realized that all of the cool mods that my friends put together back in the day were no longer available anywhere. ZooMania never moved to Tapatalk and Northern Skies is slowly losing some of its files hosted through MediaFire and the like. I had a hand in running these websites back in the day and in Artifex’s case, was a freshman member of the team. I guess you can say I have a little stake in keeping them around a little longer.

ZooBerry was designed from the ground-up for Zoo Tycoon enthusiasts. Though it is in a usable state, many improvements are coming and I always welcome suggestions for new features.

Will you backup legacy mods from other forums not from ZooMania, Northern Skies, or Artifex?

As of November 2023, the scope of this project has grown from archiving mods from three websites, to nine. If you ran a Zoo Tycoon website or are a modder who wants their mods archived, please feel free to contact us. We are always open to adding additional libraries to the archive.

The current list of websites whose mods we are committed to hosting are as follows:

  • ZooMania
  • Northern Skies
  • Artifex
  • ZT2 Designing Centre
  • Penguika
  • Penguin’s Peak
  • Shen’s Den
  • Zoo Tycoon Hideout
  • Zoo Tycoon Volcano
  • Z-Studio
  • Bunyupy’s Projects
  • Hispa Designs
  • Dannybob’s Forum
  • Stalker’s Ranch

Mods from these websites are hosted with permission from the following website owners/responsible parties:

  • Penguinman (Co-Founder, Team Member, Co-Owner): ZT2 Designing Centre, Artifex, Penguika, Penguin’s Peak
  • ShenTirag (Owner, Team Member): Shen’s Den, Artifex
  • Koala Komander (Founder, Co-Owner, Team Member): ZooMania, Artifex
  • Goosifer (Team Member, Co-Owner, Co-Founder): ZooMania, Northern Skies, Artifex
  • Incinerox (Owner): Zoo Tycoon Volcano
  • JohnZTMaster (Owner, Founder, Co-Owner): Zoo Tycoon Hideout, ZT2 Designing Centre
  • AubreyKitsune (Team Member, Current Leader): Z-Studio
  • Bunyupy (Owner, Founder, Team Member): Bunyupy’s Projects, Hispa Designs
  • Dannybob (Owner, Founder): Dannybob’s Forum, Stalker’s Ranch

Note: roles in parantheses are not in any particular order.

I’m a current Zoo Tycoon modder. May I submit files to ZooBerry for hosting?

Absolutely. Although mod archival is the main motivation behind ZooBerry’s creation, I’d love for it to become a platform for current mods as well. Please check out the contact page for more information.

Mod ownership

The original authors for mods hosted on ZooBerry have long moved on and are no longer in the Zoo Tycoon modding community. Whenever possible we have made effort to contact modders that are still around for permission to host their libraries, but when not available we contact the website owner that hosts their mods for permission to take over stewardship if the owner thinks it makes sense. (i.e. if file links are starting to break)

ZooBerry believes in mod ownership and therefore if you are author to a mod hosted here on ZooBerry and wish to have it taken down, please message us at zooberry@goosifer.io.


ZooBerry has a forum component here: https://forums.zooberry.org/. It is mostly used to communicate website updates and to keep an open line of communication for anyone that has any questions about mods hosted on ZooBerry.

For other ZT forum communities around the internet, please see the links page.